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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Sandbach

With a population of approximately eighteen thousand people, you might be forgiven for thinking that problems such as drug and alcohol abuse do not exist in quiet market towns such as Sandbach, but you would be wrong. Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is prevalent all over the UK and are having an adverse impact on individuals, families and communities everywhere. Alcohol and drugs are responsible for many hospital admissions every single year; some of these hospital visits even end in the death of the individual concerned. Just this fact alone should make it abundantly obvious that those affected are able to access the help they need to avoid such situations. Fortunately, options are available when it comes to both drug and alcohol rehab in Sandbach and its surrounding areas.

Drug and alcohol abuse can affect people of all ages, race, background, religion, social standing and wealth. There is a common misconception among those with no experience of addiction that it is an illness that affects a particular type of person. This negative stereotyping of addiction often prevents individuals from accessing the help they so desperately need. It is important that those who need alcohol and drug rehab in Sandbach can access it. This is an absolute necessity because unless more of these people get the help they need to overcome addiction, their situations will only get worse and more of them will die as a result of their substance abuse.

In Need of a Rehab in Sandbach

You may already be aware of the devastating effect that addiction can have on individual lives and the lives of the people closest to them, but did you know that for every one person affected by addiction, a further five are said to be negatively affected?

Both drug and alcohol abuse result in physical and mental health problems for the abuser. This means that there is added pressure placed on the National Health Service every single day. In addition, alcohol and drug abuse often lead to aggressive or violent behaviour, which in turn places a burden on police forces around the country.

It is estimated that up to eight per cent of weekend arrests are alcohol-related, and with around half of all violent crimes committed by those under the influence, it is easy to see how substance abuse can negatively affect entire communities. The cost of treating illnesses relating to alcohol and drug abuse is one that the British taxpayer must cover, but if more people could access the services they need, these problems would exponentially decrease. It is our mission here at Addiction Helper to ensure that those affected by alcohol and drug addiction know where to go when they want to recover.

Accessing Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Sandbach

While there are many individuals already accessing alcohol and drug rehab in Sandbach, we know that many others are not. The biggest problem for those with alcohol or drug addictions is admitting they there is indeed an issue. Many are unwilling, or unable, to see the truth of their situations and are therefore incapable of reaching out for help. Denial is a common occurrence among those affected by these illnesses.

Breaking down the barrier of denial is difficult, and it can be frustrating for family members. However, Addiction Helper is here to offer advice and support to those affected by addiction as well as to their family members. We know how hard it can be to get a loved one to admit to having a problem, but we can provide assistance with this. We can help when it comes to arranging a family intervention or, if you prefer, we can put you in touch with a professional interventionist. Interventions have proven time and again to be an effective method for getting a loved one into treatment.

If you are at the stage where your loved one is ready to access help, then you have come to the right place. Researching the various options in terms of rehab in Sandbach is a time-consuming process, but with our help, you do not have to worry about this. We have all the information you need; no matter what your personal circumstances or preferences, we can find the right rehab for you.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Available in Sandbach

Rehab in Sandbach is provided by private clinics, charities, local support groups and the NHS. If you are a sufferer, the type of treatment that you choose with usually depend on your needs, circumstances and finances. Below is a brief outline of the various options when it comes to overcoming addiction:

  • Detoxification ??? Detoxification, or detox as it is more commonly known, is the process of quitting drugs or alcohol. As most affected individuals will experience some withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking chemical substances, it is a good idea to complete the programme in a supervised facility. Detox for most will last up to two weeks. In a supervised facility, you will be made to feel comfortable, and your safety will be guaranteed at all times.
  • Outpatient Programmes ??? Outpatient programmes tend to last anywhere from a couple of months to a year or more. The length of the programme will depend on the number of treatment hours the patient has each week. Outpatient programmes require patients to attend regular counselling and therapy sessions, but they will not stay overnight in the facility. It is less intensive than an inpatient programme but no less effective.
  • Inpatient Programmes ??? Inpatient programmes usually involve a six-to-eight-week stay in a residential facility. During this time, patients spend most of their day in treatment. This intensive and concentrated approach to addiction recovery is preferred by many people as they feel it allows them to spend a large chunk of time focusing on their recovery and nothing else.

Which Rehab in Sandbach Is Best for You?

You may be wondering what rehab programme will suit you best; we can help with this. As part of our service, we will provide an in-depth assessment of your requirements and circumstances. We will look at your past and current substance abuse to determine the severity of your addiction as well as your general health. We will also ask about your personal and work commitments and your finances so that we can get a picture of your needs and requirements in terms of addiction treatment. With this information, we can recommend a suitable provider.

For more information on drug and alcohol rehab in Sandbach, contact us here at Addiction Helper today.

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