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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in??Birchwood

No matter where you live in the UK, substances such as drugs and alcohol are having an adverse effect on communities. Abuse of these substances results in mental and physical health problems, accidents, injuries, violent crime, and premature death. This means that vital services such as police and health are constantly under pressure. Despite Birchwood being a small civil parish in Cheshire, drug and alcohol abuse are problems that need to be addressed in the area. To that end, there are a number of providers of both drug and alcohol rehab in Birchwood; Addiction Helper wants to ensure that those requiring these services know how to access them.

It is easy for those who never drink more than the recommended weekly alcohol amount or who never touch drugs to criticise or judge those who do, but that is because these individuals have no comprehension of what addiction is. This is an illness that changes the way the brain functions, and contrary to popular belief, nobody chooses to be an addict. Nobody makes a conscious decision to destroy their lives with alcohol and drugs, but once affected by addiction, the person in question will have no control over his/her use; he/she will continue to abuse these substances even knowing that it will have negative consequences. That is why alcohol and drug rehab in Birchwood are so important.

If more people were in a position to access rehab services, there would be a reduction in health problems, premature death and substance-related crimes in the region.

How to Access Rehab in Birchwood

If you know that you need help for drug or alcohol abuse or addiction, contact Addiction Helper today. We are aware that many individuals delay their treatment for a variety of reasons. Some are afraid of what detox and rehab might entail so would rather continue with their addictive behaviour than risk the pain and suffering that they perceive they may have to endure. However, it is important to point out that while detox and rehab can be tough, it is rarely painful.

Others do not know how to access the help they need, but that is where Addiction Helper comes in. We are a free referral service working hard in your area to make sure that no matter what your circumstances, you can easily and quickly access the treatments you need to get better.

As part of our service, we will provide a full assessment of your situation. We do this through a series of questions and answers, which will help us to decide if you need a detox, followed by a programme of inpatient or outpatient care. We have information about the various providers of drug and alcohol rehab in Birchwood and we know which addictions they specialise in.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Birchwood

Before rehab begins, you will likely need to complete a detox so that your mind and body is clear. We can help you to find a suitable detox provider at which you can be sure of being completely safe and comfortable throughout this process.

Once you have completed the detox, you will be ready for rehab; you will have the option of inpatient or outpatient care. Below is a brief guide for each type of programme to help you decide:

Outpatient Programmes??at Addiction Rehab in Birchwood

With an outpatient programme, you will not need to stay in a facility. Nevertheless, you will have regular meetings with a counsellor or therapist. Meeting frequency will depend on the provider but some like patients to attend every weekday for a set number of weeks, followed by weekly meetings.

Other programmes require patients to attend meetings once or twice per week. This means that outpatient programmes can vary in length from a few months to a year or more.

While treatment at an outpatient facility is less intensive than inpatient care, it is no less effective. In fact, many of the methods used will be the same as those employed in a residential clinic and will include things such as peer-to-peer therapy, individual counselling, 12 step therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and motivational interviewing.

Inpatient Programmes

With an inpatient programme, patients will enter the facility on a residential basis for a period of around six to eight weeks. During this time, he or she can expect to follow daily schedules that will include therapy, counselling, workshops, seminars and lectures. There will be a communal dining room where patients will eat together, and there may or may not be free time allocated in the evenings.

Some facilities allow patients to have some free time to themselves on the weekends or evenings, but others fill this time with activities or trips. Inpatient programmes are intensive and concentrated and allow patients to focus entirely on their recovery with no distractions from the outside world.

Which Drug or Alcohol Rehab Is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing the right rehab for your situation, a lot will depend on your individual requirements and circumstances. Inpatient programmes tend to work best for those with a severe addiction as well as those who had tried to quit before but failed. They are also ideal for people that work in safety-sensitive jobs such as nursing, policing, driving, or on an airline and for whom a relapse could pose a risk to public safety.

Inpatient care also tends to be recommended when patients have a dual diagnosis or are addicted to more than one chemical substance. For those who have a chaotic or stressful home life, a programme of residential care would also be appropriate.

Nonetheless, inpatient care is not always the best solution. Some individuals simply cannot be away from home or work for a period of up to eight weeks; in this situation, outpatient programmes are a suitable alternative. Outpatient programmes are also ideal for individuals who have realised early on that they are heading for trouble but who do not yet have a physical dependence on drugs or alcohol.

At Addiction Helper, we will look at your circumstances before recommending a suitable drug or alcohol rehab in Birchwood. We want to make sure that you are comfortable with your choice, so we will discuss your options thoroughly with you. For more information on the service we provide, call our helpline today.

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