Rehabiliation for an Addiction to Heroin

Heroin addiction rehabilitation is an individual process; each case is different and each person’s needs are unique. Any heroin treatment programme should bear this in mind when being planned and consideration must be given to a patient’s body, mind and spirit. If addiction rehab is to be successful all three components need to be given equal prominence.

In order to throw off the dependency on heroin and return to a full, active and productive life, drug addicts will require the strength and fortitude of a good diet and healthy body, along with the emotional and spiritual support necessary to avoid lapsing back into heroin abuse.

Rehabilitation after heroin detox can take a number of forms and the use of some or all will depend on the assessment of the individual needs of the patient.They may involve cognitive therapies, one to one counselling, psychotherapeutic treatments or group sessions with fellow addicts.

One of the common elements of addiction rehabilitation of any sort is the 12 Step Programme.Alcoholics Anonymous developed this rehab treatment initially, but its use has been adopted and adapted for drug misuse.It gives recovering users a step-by-step behavioural guide and path to aid recovery and rehabilitation.

Medical support is sometimes prescribed for opiate withdrawal and helps ease the pain, anxiety and stress associated with kicking a drug habit.Normally it is provided as an outpatient treatment to reduce cravings and the associated side effects.

Rehabilitation from heroin use is a long and ongoing process and it may take years of support and advice before a person truly feels that they have left their addiction behind.