Lindsay Lohan: Rehab is a blessing!

LILO rehabLindsay Lohan has described her upcoming rehab stint as a “blessing” on an American TV show. The trouble film star and former Hollywood wild child has been sentenced to spend time in drug rehab after her latest brush with the law.  She appeared on the Late Show and rebuked David Letterman when he started to make jokes about her colourful saying she didn’t feel comfortable making light of something so serious as her imminent stay in a rehab facility.

The “sentencing” of a spell in a “lockdown” facility has been controversial – as no rehab centre can really keep someone there unless they want to be there. The basis of any successful recovery program is the addicts genuine desire to give up drugs or alcohol. Until someone really wants to give up their habit any attempt at getting and staying clean is not likely to be successful. Getting sober for any other reason, such as in this case part of a condition on staying out of prison may be motivation enough to attend a rehab clinic and get sober for a while, but relapse is more likely.

Can this type of sentencing be effective as an intervention, then? Maybe. It may be the prompt someone needs to get back on tracked, a sharp wake up call, the eureka moment, whatever.  Like any rehab program, the reasons behind the addiction have to be looked at, and worked on, to prevent an addict falling back into old habits. Yesterday I talked about Dry Drunk syndrome, where someone retains the characteristics and behaviours of an addict, but without actually consuming any alcohol.  Those who can just give up a destructive habit without addressing the issues surrounding it are few and far between, and although it can work for some, it is very rare. That’s why good quality rehabilitation treatment is so crucially important. Addiction is a progressive disease, but it is one that can be treated, Effective rehabilitation always involves counselling and therapy, and recovery should be tailored suit to the individual. No two cases are the same, and a successful recovery program must address the individual needs of each patient. It’s important to look at the body and mind and relate how one effects the other. Primarily though, addiction is a psychological disorder, which is complex and requires assistance with top class care.

Lindsay Lohan May feel that this has given her the opportunity and the wake-up call that she has needing for such a long time. In the past she has tried, and failed with addiction problems before, she will be hoping that this time she will manage to kick her destructive habits for good.

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