Where to Get Treatment for Addiction

If you have been struggling with addiction for a long time and have finally decided that the time is right to seek help, you may be wondering how to go about this and where to go. It is important to note that there are many organisations throughout the UK offering a range of treatments for various types of addiction.

These organisations include private clinics, charities, local support groups, and NHS-funded programmes. Something that hinders many addicts and their families is trying to find the best rehabilitation programme for their requirements. However, Addiction Helper has already done the research and can put clients in touch with the most suitable provider based on their circumstances and needs.

The type of referral we provide will be based on our findings from a fully comprehensive assessment that we carry out when clients get in touch. We will listen to our client’s needs and desires and refer them accordingly.

One thing that many clients are unaware of is that there are many treatments available abroad, which some may find more suitable for their needs. There are a number of benefits to travelling abroad for rehabilitation treatment, and Addiction Helper can provide these referrals too. Below are a few reasons why treatment abroad may be perfect for your situation.

Private Affordable Treatment

Residential care is often the most appropriate form of treatment, especially for those with severe addictions. Nevertheless, private clinics in the UK are often quite expensive and not affordable for many people. Travelling to foreign clinics in countries such as Thailand can allow you to enjoy luxurious surroundings with dedicated care at a price you can afford. Even when expenses and flights are taken into consideration, treatment abroad can be much less expensive than private rehabilitation in the UK.

Immediate Treatment

One of the biggest pitfalls with rehabilitation in the UK is the fact that many organisations have waiting lists. This can be frustrating for families of addicts who have finally convinced their loved one to accept help. They may be worried that a waiting list will give the person time to reconsider his or her promise to get help. Motivation may have waned during the wait and, by the time a spot becomes available, the addict may be in a place where he or she has lost all inclination to take part. Nonetheless, with treatment abroad, places are usually available immediately, so as soon as a flight can be booked, treatment can begin.

Increased Privacy

Many individuals do not want others to know they are suffering from addiction, especially if they are high-functioning addicts who are still going to work. They may be afraid that if they register for treatment in the UK, their employers or friends will discover their secret; this could be preventing them from getting the help they need. Travelling abroad means that they can get their treatment in private and they can even use a different name if they wish. They can simply tell their employer and friends that they are going on holiday.

Leaving Temptations Behind

For many addicts, life at home offers numerous temptations but a complete change of scenery may be all they need to motivate them to kick the habit. An entirely different environment is often the catalyst required to make a change. Moreover, upon returning home, they will have the head start they need to continue a life of sobriety.

Getting Help

If you or a loved one requires help for addiction, contact Addiction Helper today. Our team of advisors, counsellors, and therapists are here to provide you with advice and support in terms of interventions, treatments available for all types of addiction.

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