Heroin Rehab Treatment

Once an addict makes the decision to enter into drug addiction rehab to end their substance dependency, the first step is medically supervised, heroin detox.There are many myths and scare stories revolving around drug detoxification and despite the horror stories of ‘cold turkey’ it does not have to be as horrendous as it is often portrayed.

Professional assessment of an individual’s need ensures that they are administered with the most appropriate support and treatments to give a comfortable and effective way of cleaning heroin out of their body.This will include all necessary complimentary and supportive treatments, nutritional advice and counselling.

Detoxification, with the aid of specific medication, eases withdrawal symptoms and alleviates anxiety and physical discomfort.Cleansing the body of its craving for heroin takes between a couple of days and several weeks, depending on the individual’s level of drug addiction and dependency.

After detoxification, patients need time to adjust, recuperate and regain their strength.This can also be a difficult time, as the patient prepares for a life without heroin, while also planning for the future.At this time there are lots of challenges, anxieties and fears, and primary care, training and support are all important aspects in preparing a person to return to normal everyday life.

Preparing and adjusting to a life without drugs can be just as difficult as kicking the habit in the first place and the importance placed on rehabilitation back into normal society is a key part of the overall process.Therapists can provide group sessions, one to one counselling and home visits, all of which are designed to support the patient’s progress after detoxification.