Detox centres – What you need to know

Detox centres

How they work?

Detox centres are designed primarily to deal with the physical side of an addiction. This means completely removing any substance from the body that is not needed (in certain cases there will be prescribed medications that will need to remain present), and providing the body with any vitamins and nutrients needed. A detox centre will often provide re-hydration when needed.

What happens?

Upon arrival at an addiction detox centre a patient will always be assessed by a doctor. This is to ensure that the person is safe to undergo a detox; the type of things looked at will be weight, history of seizures, underlying medical concerns etc. Once the person has been deemed fit to commence detox, they will be put on a course of medication (which will vary depending on the substance in question). The person will then be supported throughout their detox (this typically lasts between a week and two weeks) and helped to become as physically fit as they can be in order to prepare them for the psychological side of the treatment.

How do you get into one?

The most immediate way to get into a detox centre is to access a private facility. This is something that we can advise you on further should you wish to consider your options. If funding is not available, then it is recommended that you contact your local drug and alcohol team for free support and information on detox centres. If you have any questions, please do feel free to contact us at any point. Alternatively, if you have experienced a detox centre first hand, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Who am I calling?

Calls will be answered by admissions at UK Addiction Treatment Group.

We look forward to helping you take your first step

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