Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal

For years now there has been an on-going debate and accusations levelled at seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, all of which he vehemently denied up until recently. However towards the end of last year, Armstrong made the decision to stop battling the doping plans, thus resulting in him being stripped of his titles because of his steroid addiction.

The latest in the Lance Armstrong doping scandal is that he has recorded a two-and-a-half hour interview with Oprah Winfrey with the intention of coming clean so that he can make a fresh start and return to professional cycling. He has also recently apologised to the Livestrong Foundation, formerly known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation, an organisation which he founded to support sufferers of cancer.

So what can we learn from Lance’s story? Well firstly, that he is human. And as humans, we are flawed, we make mistakes and we mess things up. But my hope is that come Thursday, Lance Armstrong will face up to his demons, because it is only when we are ready to admit there is something wrong that we can receive the help we so desperately need. Secondly, it shows that no matter how hard it can be to admit to a problem, there is always a way forward, and hopefully for Lance this will be earning back the respect of those within the sport he loves.

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