What are the NHS Options?

Discover the addiction treatment options available through the NHS. Patients can find out whether they are eligible for treatment on the NHS and some of the restrictions potentially affecting them. It also reveals whether it is truly the best option or not, which is essential in these times of major shifting within the UK public healthcare system.

How Long does Rehab Take?

Different ailments afflict different people. Simply looking at the symptoms reveals practically nothing about the real problem. Through this informational piece, we reveal how to customise a treatment programme and how it can best benefit the patient. It also reveals how clinics give patients the right foundations for recovery.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Find out exactly how much rehab costs across the UK and other countries today. Patients can realise just how much treatment can cost them. However, what it also reveals is how costs are taken into account and just how much it varies depending on different treatment requirements. In addition, there is some handy information about shopping around and potentially reducing the price of addiction treatment.

Where Should I Attend Rehab?

Being able to assess the various merits of a treatment clinic is imperative. Curing an addiction is a difficult task and requires only the very best treatment. With so many treatment centres across the UK, it is difficult to choose the right one. What this guide reveals is how to choose the right rehab centre and what quality addiction rehab clinics should offer.

What are Luxury Rehabs?

In order to reduce the confusion caused by the difference between conventional and luxury rehab this guide speaks about the differences between each. Prospective patients can make informed decisions about which clinic will suit them best. It is true that luxury rehab is more expensive, but it is always worth considering as it offers a more private and restful environment for beating addictions.

Can I use Private Health Insurance to Pay for my Rehab?

Private health insurance is a complicated issue. Those who want to find alternative ways to pay for their rehab can read this guide, though. It shows them exactly how private health insurance interacts with rehabilitation and how patients can cash in their policies so they do not have to pay for their treatment out of their own pockets.