Methadone Rehab Centres

Methadone is often used in the treatment of heroin addiction. However, it is also an opioid and can be addictive, and methadone addiction is not to be taken lightly. It is not uncommon for users to top up methadone with heroin and or to abuse methadone.
There are drug rehab centres located in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and each of them has different ways of addressing the problem of alcohol or drug addiction.It is important that individuals know about the different types of drug rehab that are available and what the end result of each of the programmes will be.
Before choosing a particular centre, the individual should ask a number of questions in order to understand the rehabilitation programme.Will it help the individual to gain the ability to deal with their life in a better way?Will it address the weaknesses of the individual and help him or her to take responsibility for their life, job, finances and family?What is the success rate of the programme and where is the drug rehab centre located?The latter may be important, as the majority of drug rehab centres are not lock-down facilities, therefore, if attending a local centre, the addict may be tempted to leave in order to acquire drugs.

Detoxification centres generally offer shorter admission times, counselling is targeted on relapse prevention and the overall focus tends to be on the physical withdrawal symptoms.Rehab centres, on the other hand, focus on tackling the underlying reasons for drug addiction, work to break the psychological addiction and change the associated behaviour.

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