Drug Addiction

Drug Abuse and Addiction

Addiction Helper has vast knowledge and specialist resources to help you overcome your Drug abuse, drug addiction and drug related problems. Whether your binging on drugs at weekends, have a recreational habit that has gotten out of control or you simply have to have a drug to feel “normal”; we can provide a structured treatment plan to help your overcome your drug abuse problem and treat the issues underpinning it.

We Treat Drug Abuse and Full Blown Addiction

You may be in two minds as to whether your problem with drugs warrants professional treatment. Maybe you are still going to work every day, or attending to your family’s needs. Maybe you have developed a pattern of smoking cannabis or taking drugs in the evenings to help you relax or sleep. Perhaps you only take drugs at weekends or in social situations such as clubbing or parties or you are taking stimulant drugs to help you stay awake and alert at work. Perhaps you don’t touch drugs for days or even weeks, but once you start find yourself frequently over doing it or going on a binge that causes pain and disruption to you and your family. Or maybe you find that once you have taken a drug your personality changes, you become volatile, aggressive or even violent. Becoming a danger to yourself and/ or to others

It is important to recognise that drug addiction and drug abuse can come in many forms. You don’t necessarily have to be physically dependant on drugs to suffer from drug addiction or drug abuse.

Will I Need a Detox?

You may be wondering if you are using sufficient quantities of drugs to need a detox. Individuals can be physically dependent on drugs even if they are only taking a small amount each day. The body quickly develops a reliance and tolerance to certain drugs that are taken regularly, even when the quantities are small. Some drugs are long acting or slow release and can stay in the body for many hours, delaying symptoms of withdraw. Not everyone who is physically dependent wakes first thing in the morning needing to take a drug. Some may be able to go a whole day without taking a drug, but they find it impossible, if not physically and mentally painful to go without the drug for more than 48 hours. There are many symptoms of drug dependency varying from feeling anxious or irritable without the drug, through to full blown hallucinations, physical pain, tremors and even seizures. If you are drug dependant, the safest way to detox is with a medically assisted detox in a rehab clinic

How Do I Know if I Am an Addict?

Addiction can affect different sufferers in many different ways, but the following questions may help you to decide if you are suffering from addiction to drugs

1. Once you have taken a particular drug, do you find it difficult or impossible to control the amount you take, often resulting in a binge?

2. If when you want to quit drugs entirely, do you find it impossible to leave it alone completely or even successfully cut down?

3. Even after a period of abstinence, and with very good reason not to start taking drugs again, do you find yourself succumbing to the temptation of using once more?

4. Do you find it difficult if not impossible to function on a daily basis without some kind of drug in your system?

If you have answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions, you may be an addict. That being the case, you will need professional treatment to help you overcome your drug addiction problem.

How Can Addiction Helper Help Me to Stop Taking Drugs?

Addiction helper offers a range of therapies delivered by professionals to help you overcome drug abuse and drug addiction problems

One to One counselling – Addiction helper can arrange for your to see a qualified Addiction Counsellor near to your home on a weekly basis. We can also arrange telephone counselling and Skype session counselling to fit in with work or holidays.

Home Detox – Addiction Helper can arrange for you to have a detox at home that is both medically approved and supervised by a qualified health professional

Inpatient Detox – Addiction helper can arrange for you to be detoxed medically within the safe environment of a reputable drug detox clinic

Intensive Addiction Therapy – Addiction Helper can arrange for you to receive a bespoke and intensive therapy program near to your home. Each program is tailored to meet your individual treatment needs and work around your commitments. Providing intensive daily therapy and structured support delivered by a qualified Addiction Counsellor.

Inpatient Rehabilitation – Addiction Helper has a vast number of reputable drug rehab clinics in the UK and abroad. We also specialize in providing treatment in South Africa and Thailand. Inpatient rehabilitation is often the most successful root to long term and permanent abstinence, as it provides a safe and nurturing environment and your treatment will be delivered by a team of qualified addiction specialists.

Day Care Detox and Rehabilitation ProgramsAddiction helper has a list of drug rehab clinics that can provide you with all of the benefits of a full day care program and/or detox. Again this can be as intensive as needed, from 1 day a week up to 7 days a week

For more information on our treatment services, and to find out which treatment is best suited to your specific drug problem, please call our 24 hour helpline and speak with one of our Addiction Treatment Counsellors