Drug Dependency in Women

Women and drug dependency

Somewhat surprisingly, drug dependency in women was not looked into until the 1990’s. The National Centre for Health Statistics show that before this time many women were not even included in studies relating to drug or alcohol abuse. This is amazing considering the damage a woman’s addiction can have on the entire family, for it is not only the addict who will suffer, but also their partner and children.

Government research shows that it is often a traumatic event, such as physical or sexual abuse, which will entice a woman into taking drugs.It is at times like this that women are more likely to be at their most vulnerable and feel that drugs or alcohol are the only way they can cope. The studies also show that women who use mind-altering drugs are more likely to suffer from liver disease and substance abuse than men who take the same drug

Drug addiction can cause many physical problems for women, such as making their periods more erratic or stopping them altogether.It can also affect their reproductive organs, making it harder for them to conceive.Menopause usually starts between the ages of 45and- 55, but with drug abuse it can occur in the 30’s.

Surveys show that women often turn to drink and drugs as a means of combating depression. However, Home Office studies show that the effects of drugs and alcohol actually make the depression worse, therefore creating a vicious circle for the unsuspecting addict.