Cocaine Addiction Warning Signs

The drug cocaine is attractive to those who use is because it provides an instant feeling of euphoria. Cocaine is a captivating drug that gives users a false sense of alertness and confidence. It provides an opportunity for people to enjoy an opposite personality, making quiet and shy people very talkative. It makes a user feel on top of the world.

The problem with this high or euphoria is that it does not last very long. Users will begin to experience a crash and burn sensation shortly after ingesting the drug. This causes cocaine users to become anxious, irritable and even depressed. It is for these reasons that users are tempted to use the drug again.

Those using cocaine rarely see themselves as being addicted because there are no physical withdrawal symptoms associated with the drug use. The withdrawal symptoms that are experienced are psychological because cocaine addiction is a psychological dependency.

There are many signs of cocaine addiction such as missing work or school. Other cocaine addiction signs are obvious in people who suddenly begin sleeping for very long periods of time. This is related to the false sense of endless energy that users experience with cocaine use.

Other cocaine addiction signs include insomnia, frequent mood swings, irritability, anxiety attacks, bloodshot eyes, irregular heart rate, money problems and nose bleeds. Elevated speech patterns, loss of appetite and sudden weight loss are also common warning signs of cocaine addiction.