Magnets: The Answer against Cocaine Addiction?


Could this be a break through in the fight against addiction? Research has shown experiments on mice addicted to cocaine were able to be weaned off the dangerous illegal drug by the use of laser beams. Stimulating the brain using magnetic technology change neurons in the pre-frontal cortex they could exterminate addictive behaviour in the labatory mice and could even turn non-addicted animals into addicts. The scientist who reported their study in leading journal Nature, see a similar method using magnets could feasibly be effective on human drug addicts and reckon my end that clinical trials should commence as soon as possible to see if it could help reduce the academic that is cocaine addiction.

This could be a major breakthrough in addiction treatment-if it works. Of course humans often have entirely different responses than that of lab animals but for those in the field of addiction is could be very exciting news.

It is reckoned that nearly a quarter of a million people in the UK are addicted to cocaine and over 1 million in the United States of America. Cocaine is one of the major causes of heart attacks and strokes for those under the age of 35. Of course is not just the physical effects of cocaine addiction that a problem, cocaine addiction has a negative impacts on mental health and the well-being of not as the sufferer of everyone around them. If similar methods could be adapted for use amongst humans than who knows what other addictions could be cured by this possibly groundbreaking technique. The frontal lobe of the brain has been shown to be influential in many different addictions and compulsive behaviours and by being able to effectively “turn off” addictive behaviours it is quite possible that more than just cocaine addiction could be helped.

Even those addictions which are not based on substance abuse such as shopping addiction, gambling or sex addiction are ruled by the brain and if this works, it can see a major reduction in addicts on a whole new way of treating debilitating conditions. It may be a long way off seeing if this is truly effective in the human race but we keep our fingers crossed. Anything that can help something that so many of us have suffered from can only be a good thing.


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