How cannabis affects health

You may think exercising will help counteract the effects that smoking marijuana has on the system. Pot smokers are susceptible to the appetite stimulating effects of the drug and may be more inclined to put on weight. Just by consuming 150 extra calories a day, (which is less than one bar of chocolate) a whole 15lb can be gained over the course of just one year. The cannabis user may turn to exercise to help shift those stubborn pounds, but smoking this widely used and addictive drug can make exercising more difficult and less effective in the first place. Not all cannabis users suffer with cannabis addiction.


Smoking cannabis does very little for motivation and “get up and go.” Indeed, many cannabis users may find that their get up and go has got up and went and may favour less strenuous pursuits from the comfort of their sofa. Someone who has little motivation may keep putting off that gym session until a “tomorrow”… that never actually comes.

Lung function

Lung function is greatly impaired by any sort of smoking. Carbon monoxide decreases the body tissue’s vital supplies of oxygen. A heavy smoker may find themselves wheezing coughing in spluttering through even the gentlest of exercise routines. They may find this frustrating and even rather embarrassing amongst a room full of healthy gym goers, and stop trying to improve their fitness.

What’s going on?

Coordination is affected by cannabis use even more by cannabis addiction. Motor control is reduced and the marijuana user may find that they may be clumsier and less coordinated because of their addictive habit. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t smoked that day, the effects of the drug on coordination can last up to a week after the last time it was taken. Exercise routines may not be carried out to optimum standards as the user perception is changed too. They may find that time speeds up or slows down and can even suffer hallucinations.


Cannabis affects the ability to concentrate on short term memory. Someone exercising under the influence of cannabis may find that their mind wanders and they are unable to give the required attention to their matter in hand which can even place the safety of others at risk.

The endorphins released during exercise can have similar effects on the brain as the active ingredient in cannabis. Some people may find that exercise is helpful if they want to give up smoking marijuana.

Giving up cannabis

if you want to make your exercise routine as effective as possible then you should look to cut down or stop smoking cannabis. It doesn’t just cause problems when trying to keep fit, cannabis can lead to many other health problems. Cannabis can trigger or exacerbate mental health problems such as depression or schizophrenia.

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