Glee star Cory Monteith heads out of rehab

monteith leaves rehabGlee star Cory Monteith has left rehab after a month-long stay to treat substance abuse issues. The popular Canadian star was reunited with girlfriend Lea Michele after four weeks in a treatment facility. Monteith’s second stint in rehab, the first being in his teens he has received the love and support of his family and girlfriend through his most recent stay.
Monteith has been an advocate against drink and drugs for years and has all said that he hopes to use his fame to help others avoid the traps that he fell into.
Getting clean from drink and drug addiction and staying sober is a lifelong process and someone with addiction issues may relapse a few times before they stay on the path to sobriety for good. An addict will continue have to fight the cravings and triggers to falling off the wagon, often even when they’ve been clean for years. Effective rehab can help teach someone how to manage difficult situations where they might be tempted to indulge in past destructive behaviours, but ultimately the responsibility lies with the individual exercise control and determination in their desire to give up their addiction.

Rehab is not an easy journey and no one expects it to be quick and painless. The month Cory Monteith has just spent in the residential rehab facility is only the start of his road to recovery to but it is a good firm foundation on which to begin from. A successful recovery program never actually ends as addiction is a progressive disease which cannot actually in this additional sense be cured but it can be treated by arresting the symptoms and learning how to deal with them.

Cory has been lucky to receive the support mother’s family, friends and co-stars, not to mention millions of fans of the popular television series all over the world. All too often an addict may become estranged from their family as the sink deeper into their addiction and isolate themselves from people who may be concerned or want to help them.

Let’s hope the glee star manages to stay sober-it would be a shame to throw away such a glittering career away. Perhaps he’ll end up back in rehab and perhaps he won’t, but let’s hope he is well on the road to recovery. Rehab isn’t just for those with fame and fortune it is accessible to everyone so if you are someone you know has a substance abuse problem then contact us now for help.

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