Edinburgh Rehabs

Addiction Helper Rehab LIVESEARCH shows every Alcohol and Drug Rehab centre in Edinburgh and provides a complete overview of each facility including reviews from previous treatment centre residents.

Addiction Detox & Rehab Treatment Centres in Edinburgh

At Addiction Helper, we work with the most successful detox and rehab clinics near Edinburgh and close to Scotland.

All our treatment centres offer an excellent level of care. Whether you have an addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming, or if you???re suffering from an eating disorder, co-dependency or dual diagnosis, we can find the right detox and rehab clinic for you and your circumstances.

What to expect from residential addiction treatment in the Endinburg area

Scotland has the only private alcohol treatment centre in the UK. After treatment in Scotland and with your commitment, you???ll never have to drink again. You can begin a wonderful and happy life free from alcohol abuse. The treatment programme uses best practice and proven techniques to help you recover from alcohol dependency. It is specially designed to help you get to grips with the physical, psychological and emotional implications of your alcohol addiction. Following the 12 step approach, treatment includes a medically assisted detox, individual counselling, group work and holistic therapies.

There are many first class residential clinics close to Scotland in the north of England that treat a wide range of addictions including alcohol, drugs and gambling. They also treat compulsive behavioural disorders such as eating disorders and co-dependency. These centres offer an intensive treatment programme that will help you understand and challenge the illness that is addiction. On admission, you???ll be given an assessment and prescribed medication to assist your withdrawal and detox, if required. You???ll be assigned a key worker who will work with you on a personalised rehabilitative programme which will include a range of therapies. You???ll be monitored around the clock and given all the support you need for a long-term, healthy recovery from addiction.


To get help for addiction around the Edinburgh area, contact us on 0800 44 88 688 and we???ll give you all the confidential help and advice you need.