Rehab Ridiculed by Billionaire Rausing

Reports have emerged alleging that the Billionaire Hans Kristian Rausing has been making a mockery of Britains judicial system, by abusing what some would describe as a very lenient slap on the wrist for a very serious crime.  Rausing was arrested and convicted last month after pleading guilty to preventing a legal and decent burial of his wife of 19 years, Eva.  He was subsequently sent straight to a drug and alcohol rehab clinic to detox and undergo treatment.

Eva Rausing’s decomposing body was discovered in the couple’s home, where Rausing had concealed her death for a period of 4 weeks.  During this time, he had fended of questions and lied about her well-being to members of Eva’s family.  Rausings web of deception came to an abrupt end, when police, who were searching his property for drugs found her body hidden under a pile of bin bags upstairs.  This search followed Rausing’s arrest for possession of Class As and a road traffic offence.

Meals on Wheels

Rausing, a drug addict and alcoholic, was then convicted and ordered to complete a residential stay in a top London rehab and given a 10 month jail sentence to be suspended over 2 years.  This conviction, along with the recent events and death of his beloved wife, you would have thought would have been the perfect opportunity for the Billionaire to re-evaluate his hedonistic life style and make the most of the treatment he was ordered to complete.  Instead it has been revealed that Rausing, still very much hankering after the life style he was accustomed to, was paying for treatment “extras” in the form of his personal assistant and chauffeur dropping off specially prepared meals to him and taking him out for leisurely drives in the evenings.  Rausing’s driver was pictured by the media carrying large tin foil wrapped food parcels prepared by a top London restaurant and hotel to his employers rehab unit.  Rausing has apparently justified this breech of treatment contract by saying that he didn’t like the food.  All I can say with regards to him going out for his evening drives, and also alleged walks with his chauffeur in the evenings, is that the rehabilitation centres that we work with would never allow this, and this breech of treatment contract would usually result in discharge from treatment.

Recovery is all about change

From the behaviours that Rausing is still displaying and indulging, I have to say that his chances of recovery at present are slim to none.  He needs to realise that this is not normal behaviour and to have the denial around his alcohol addiction smashed.  Im not saying a jail sentence would have been the answer, as there are also drugs available in prison, but certainly a more disciplined and structured rehab with 24 hour supervision.  Recovery is about humility, putting right the wrongs of one’s past, doing the right thing, and helping others.  It seems Rausing is still looking after number 1 and this is something that will have to be changed if he every seriously wants to get well and recover.

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