Addictionhelper supports Gail Porter in entering rehab in South Africa

The press is full of stories today about Gail Porter entering alcohol rehab to battle alcohol addiction and depression. Whilst the media is focusing on Gail???s personal history, I would like to use this opportunity to explain the process we at Addictionhelper went through to get her the support she so desperately needed. My aim is for people to really understand what it is we have to offer and how we work. There are a lot of organisations out there and unless you have been through this before, it can be difficult to know what sort of support you actually need.

Whilst Gail is a high profile client, in some ways her story is identical to those we hear on a daily basis: this is someone who has battled addiction and depression for a long time, someone that has experienced a lot of loss in her life, and someone that wants to get well for her child. Like many people in Gail???s situation, it was a concerned friend who had heard of Addictionhelper and got in contact to see how we could help.

Experienced With Recovery

We took an assessment of Gail???s situation based on what her friend knew and then arranged for Gail to meet face-to-face with Daniel Gerrard. Daniel is a highly trained family interventionist and the founder of Addictionhelper. Daniel???s own recovery journey has given him a wealth of knowledge about what works and what does not, and an understanding of which program is most likely to work for a certain individual.

Proven Results

Daniel???s recommendation to Gail was a rehab centre we work with in Cape Town. There are several reasons why Daniel felt this centre would be suited to Gail???s needs and likely to result in success: Firstly, travelling to another country allowed Gail to really take the break so desperately needed, both physically and emotionally. Many people find the idea of leaving their loved ones for a period of time traumatic, but in fact that can be exactly what is needed to settle them on the path to recovery ready to be reunited with their family. Another reason was due to the ethos of the clinic; South African rehab clinics are often considered to be ???harsher??? than clinics in the UK, providing a tough love approach. Again, this can be unsettling at first, it will be very different from anything Gail will have experienced before, but it has proven results. The days are highly structured from the beginning with a focus on building independence over the course of the three months. The idea is that by the end of the programme, Gail will have learned the skills necessary to take care of herself when she returns home.


However, at Addictionhelper we believe in seeing the journey through from beginning until end. Therefore, once Gail agreed that she would like to attend the South African rehab, Daniel kept in contact with her to provide support in the days leading up to admission, then personally accompanied her to South Africa. We recognise that someone in such a vulnerable position may have difficulties in doing such a long journey alone and so Daniel was on hand to support her.


In the same way, we will also offer additional support once Gail returns home. As already mentioned, the South African treatment method can be a shock to the system and so we provide an aftercare program that ensures Gail is supported while she is adjusting back to her life in the UK. Her focal counsellor will be on hand to support her in making the right choices and enjoying a long-term recovery. These services are ones that we offer to every single person we work with. Our aim is to provide successful treatment that is affordable to the average person, not just celebrities.

We wish Gail the best of luck in her recovery, in Daniel???s words: ???I am so proud of Gail and her continuing perseverance to recover. She has made a 100 per cent commitment to the program???. We hope that her story has inspired others to come forward and seek help. You don???t need to suffer alone; whether you are the one needing help or a concerned family member, contact us, we are here to help.

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