Is Moderation a Good Idea for Alcoholics?

Alcohol addiction affects many people all over the world; in the UK, many thousands suffer every day with this illness. The problem with alcohol addiction is that it is something that happens gradually over time, and many of those affected do not even realise they have a problem until someone else points it out.

Some choose to ignore the issue and think that just because they are drinking more than ever it does not really mean that they have an addiction. Some will only accept they have a problem when faced with an ultimatum from family members or when frightened by the onset of a medical problem.

Can Alcoholics Drink in Moderation?

Many alcoholics who have finally accepted that alcohol has become a serious problem in their lives may believe that they can cut down the amount they drink rather than give up totally. They may still be unwilling to kick the habit altogether and believe that they can drink in moderation. This often sounds like the most suitable solution to someone who wants to improve his or her situation but not entirely cut out the booze. However, does it work?

For most alcoholics, it is necessary to give up alcohol completely, so moderation will not work. The reason for this is that addiction affects the function of the brain. Those with alcohol addiction cannot control their consumption and, unfortunately, one drink will typically lead to another and then another and so on. Some addicts will find that they can control their drinking for a while, but the trouble is that they are always at risk of relapsing back to addiction if they continue to drink.

Give Sobriety a Chance

Sobriety is not just about giving up alcohol and being miserable without it. Recovery is about much more than that. The aim of recovery is to improve the lives of addicts by helping them to live without the substance to which they have become addicted. It is about helping them to learn how to live a full life of happiness without the need to drink alcohol whenever things get tough. Sobriety can be a new lease of life for recovering addicts and the only way to achieve real happiness is to make a complete break from alcohol.

Moderation Requires Real Willpower

An enormous amount of willpower will be required for an alcoholic to be able to drink in moderation. He or she will need to focus very hard on controlling his or her alcohol consumption, which can be draining. It is much easier to quit entirely so that alcohol becomes part of the past. By filling your life with other meaningful things, you will learn to forget about alcohol and will not need it.

There will always be an element of risk with a former alcoholic who tries to drink in moderation. Although some individuals do seem capable of living this way, the likelihood of relapse will always be present, possibly leading to large-scale destruction in your life. If your life has been blighted by alcohol in the past, surely it is better to make a clean break from it rather than leaving yourself open to the risk of such downfall again.

Moderation generally does not work for alcoholics; despite it seeming the best solution, statistics show it rarely works. If you have an addiction to alcohol, you can get help to quit by contacting Addiction Helper. We are here to provide free advice and information to those suffering from the weight of addiction.

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